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How the Internet has changed the Marketing World

The internet has changed most things but nothing has been changed as dramatically as the world of marketing. The way that products are marketed is completely different than it was twenty years ago. Most of these changes have been beneficial to the consumer and made things harder for the marketers but the smart ones have figured out how to take advantage of the changes.

The biggest change that the internet has had on the marketing world is that it has made it much more difficult to reach customers than it used to be. The internet has allowed people a lot more choices in where they spend their time. There are billions of websites for example so companies that used to be able to advertise to everybody by putting ads on all of the television stations are no longer able to do this. The result is that companies have to be more selective about where they are going to advertise.

The fact that marketers can no longer reach the same wide audience that they used to be able to has made things difficult for the traditional advertisers. However for people like marketing man Bert Geens who understands how to use it this has also provided an opportunity. Marketers can now focus on a much more targeted audience than they did in the past. This means that they can be sure that they are only spending their marketing dollars advertising to people who are interested in their product.

Another huge change that has occurred as a result of the internet is that customers are demanding a lot more information than they did in the past. People are aware that they can go online and research any product before they buy it and most will do exactly this. The result is that advertisers have had to make sure that they provide the information that people are looking for. One of the side effects of this is that customers are increasingly valuing brand names. Since they cannot physically examine the product before they buy they are relying in large part on the reputation of the company selling the product to make sure that they are getting a quality item.

One other change that the internet has brought is that it has leveled the playing field. Smaller companies are now able to compete with big corporations for sales on more or less even terms. This is true even with the increased emphasis on brand names. Even small companies can build their brand online fairly easily through services like Facebook or Twitter. The result is that there are a lot more small companies that focus on just small niche markets than there used to be. On the other hand the big companies are still able to use their economies of scale to keep the prices of their products down.